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We believe that excellence is the foundation of our success and maintain the highest standards of performance in all aspects of our work.


Integrity is not only a guiding principle for our business operations but also a promise to deliver outcomes that are reliable, accountable, and trustworthy.


Collaboration enriches our projects with our team's knowledge, expertise, and experiences, resulting in innovative and successful solutions.


V Ballard Consulting LLC was founded in June 2021 with the vision to be the one-stop-shop for your project needs. Here we believe in decreasing the struggles surrounding civil engineering and its constant stressors. V Ballard Consulting LLC has been established to provide a professional, fun, and stress-free environment to tackle any challenges within any project.


Meet the team behind

V Ballard Consulting

Vanessa Ballard

CEO / Lead Consultant

V Ballard Consulting’s story began where Vanessa Ballard’s old story ended. Caught in the rigid structure and inertia of big companies, she grew tired of working in a system that considered her a mere number, for people who did not recognize her value. Daily, she saw her abilities underutilized; while she knew she loved civil engineering and estimating, she needed more.

Along the way, she met excellent teachers and mentors; from professional engineers who guided her on the construct of land development; drafters who helped her learn the best design techniques, surveyors who showed her the way of the land, and estimators who meticulously demonstrated the value of civil site design.

Taking her experience at big firms with the knowledge she’d accrued, Ballard decided to leave the nest and start her own company, one devoted to helping other smaller companies grow:

V Ballard Consulting, LLC.

Vanessa Ballard believes in providing smaller businesses and individuals with high-value work that helps them realize their visions and reveals their own best qualities. She’s a woman with the drive to deliver quality, affordable work, and to create an atmosphere of trust and loyalty.

Vanessa’s passion for designing, and introducing the most cost-effective designs, helps her clients bring what they desire into existence. V Ballard Consulting is the story of a dream being realized and is being written right now. She’s excited to work with you!

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